The African Bank (Afrobank) is an online bank, owned by Africans for the African continent. Afrobank is a partnership between Tradesource International and All Africa Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (AAASME); and other strategic partners, including Temenos AG, Carson Global Resources of the Netherlands, ROWAD Capital Commercial of Dubai, UAE, etc. The main focus of this bank is to provide a Cloud Banking platform that fosters independent Private Sector development in Africa, eliminate all banking constrains and barriers for Small and Medium businesses (MSMBs) and the unbanked; and the creation of millions of jobs in the 54 African countries of the AfCFTA to STOP the forced migration of African youths, women and professionals to EU and North America.

Our business strategy is aimed at making Afrobank standout from its peers in Africa by being a differentiated brand: By using proven Fintech business model for Cloud banking in Africa. Afrobank is a purpose-driven online bank and we center all we do on our vision and mission statements. And as a future-focused online bank, we deploy disruptive innovations using Blockchain, Robotics and AI technologies to provide cloud banking solutions for our customers.

The African Bank (Afrobank) is a registered online bank of the xxxxxxx


Afrobank uses the Temenos Infinity Digital Banking and Banking-as-a-Services (BaaS) technologies to provide the lowest cost banking services of Anywhere, Anyplace and Anytime to its customers in Africa. Our Open banking products and services provides the capital you need, when you need it and expedite your company’s growth. We deploy innovative and disruptive technologies based on Blockchain, AI and Robotics to remove corporate banking complexities; and eradicate Banking Services Silos in all the 54 African countries of AfCFTA.

We provide our customers with an Afro-centric One-Stop Cloud digital banking products and services, Inter-Africa banking services, International banking compliance and unrestricted banking services. Our Trade Financing services are conducted in all currencies including USD, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Russian Rubles, Indian Rupee, African countries currencies, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Our Banking Business model is based on using the Temenos Banking Cloud and Baas Technologies, Fintech solutions and Virtual bank accounts to access quality innovative Afro-centric Retail and SME banking products and services that serves the needs of our customers in the 54 African Countries of the AfCFTA; and the 5 continents.

Our customers shall access our Anywhere, Anyplace and Anytime Cloud Open Digital banking services and products by using simple devices such as: Smartphones, tablets, Laptops and PCs.


Be the most efficient, reliable and profitable Online Bank network in Africa.


Create wealth by enriching the lives of our Customers, Investors and Communities.

Afrobank: 2022-2025 Goals & Objectives:

Secure collaborations with international banking institutions, the Pan-African Payment & Settlement System (PAPSS), Fintech corporations, Insurtech corporations, AFREXIMBANK and African Development Bank (ADB)

Secure Climate Change & Carbon Credit Investments Funds

Start Operations in minimum 3 African Countries (1Q2022)

Expansion of Cloud Digital Banking Services into other African countries (2022-2025)

Foster MSME & Unbanked Cloud Digital Banking Afro-Centric products and services to accelerate AfCFTA business growth opportunities in Africa.

Create yearly, millions of direct and indirect employment opportunities in Africa to STOP Youths, Women and Professional forced migrations to EU and North America.

Our Values

As an online bank that aspires to be the best, we are driven by the following set of values:


We put honesty in all our operations; and committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity to earn the trust of our customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and the community.

Total Customer Satisfaction

We make it easy for our customers to do business with us. We offer them value and quality services to enrich their lives; and customer satisfaction as a continuous priority.

High Performance Culture

Our customers are the owners of Afrobank. We provide high performance service to service our customers and make a difference.


We simplify the ways of doing business, and continuously improve the quality of our products and services; we rapidly adopt to the latest disruptive cloud digital banking technologies and robotics to benefit and delight our customers.

Adaptability to Change

We will strive to continuously re-invent ourselves, acting with urgency to resolve online digital banking technology challenges, solve each customer needs; and meet the needs of the micro businesses, unbanked community, and their banking requirements.


We excel by working together online as one team and sharing our goals to achieve great things and superior results.


We affirm a bank is a needed institution to access money services, make international transactions and fight poverty; and  all Africans in Africa must have unrestricted access to online digital banking services and payment solutions in a virtual economy to facility payments of goods and services, make savings, do business and get out of poverty.

We believe our employees are our biggest assets and we invest in their constant and continuous professional education and improvement.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we shall re-invest always in communities by being an economic asset, sponsor Educational Scholarships, Sports, Social Welfare and Environmental protection activities in the society and community where we operate.


Victor Grange: Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Ebiekure Jasper Eradiri: Vice-President & AU, EU, Climate Change Liaison Ambassador


Apollo Isaiah Lafal: Vice-President & International Partnership Coordinator


Diosdado Isinguzo Muatetema: Vice-President & All Africa Business Coordinator


Warmate Jones Idikio: The Legal Services Director of Afro bank


Legal Services Assistant Director of Afro Bank: TBA


Chief Financial Officer: TBA  


Cloud Administrative & Management Firm: TBA (Out-sourced to an Indian International Banking & Fintech Management Services Company):


Afrobank Administrative & Management Director: Julia Omoenuwa Woghiren

International Capital Investment & Financing Partner: RCC LLC

 International Banking Partner: CGR Ltd

Cloud Banking Platform Partner: Temenos Ltd

 Cloud Internet &Telephony Platform Partner: ATel International

 Website Building & Graphic Designs Partner: Fugen Services



President: TBA (local Staff)

Managing Director:  TBA (Indian Fintech Management Firm)

Marketing & Sales Manager: TBA (local Staff)

Business Plan & Risks Mitigation Manager: TBA (Local Staff)

Loans & Financing Services Manager: TBA (Indian Fintech Management Firm)

Customer Services Experience Manager: TBA (Local Staff)

Secretary: TBA (Local Staff)